Recent Processing and Closing In on Style

Leica M2 35mm F2.8 C Biogon

I have been experimenting lately with post-processing and I feel like I’m on the brink of something. I can’t tell exactly how but I feel a tension of moving away from the harsh black and white street photography into something more surreal and dream like. I’m feeling a strong influence from the japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto and street photographer Junku Nishimura.

The processing isn’t anything too mysterious, I’m using Silver Efex Pro (a free piece of software you can download). In Lightroom beforehand, I crush the blacks, underexpose slightly and reduce the clarity slider to taste. Then in Silver Efex Pro I further reduce the structure and add toning simulating coffee staining in a traditional darkroom process. I feel like these following images illustrate best the direction I’m going in. Most of them were shot on film but another benefit of this process is a uniformity between formats. After getting the scans back from the Leica, I can say that it’s still the camera that’s the most appropriate for my style tough I have been thinking (perhaps needlessly) of getting a faster lens (s0meone convince me otherwise).

Pentax K1000 50mm f1.7 smc

Ricoh GR V

Fujifilm Cardia Mini

Originally posted on Medium on 26 April 2017

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