On Colour

I thought I would make a post on my recent obsession with colour especially in the context of my recent series of portraits of Nadia.

All the photos in this post were shot on the Leica M2 as always with Agfa Vista 400 exclusively. I’m starting to find Portra, albeit wonderful, becoming passe and almost overshot as a result of film photography becoming far more popular. Vista/Superia does have less latitude which does become annoying, seeing as once it gets dark I almost take no photos whatsoever. Though to combat that I have recently been using the Contax TLA-200 flash, which is a fantastic little unit I have to say (I’ll make a separate post or video on how I’ve been using it on my Leica M2 one of these days).

Seeing as I’ve been taking a lot of these photos, as a result I have a lot of B photos that I don’t really feel is appropriate for social media necessarily. So I’m posting these here, they might become a series of blog posts. As far as process goes I have been trying to be more mindful on pairing colours together, and I think it shows.

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