Among the Falling Leaves

I’m in love with making these short posts of little snippets writing and photos. I think it really let’s me process my photography in a way which wasn’t really possible before. As my mind isn’t the most comfortable of places, the anxiety, the worry, the homesickness, the grief, I’m finding some comfort here in writing. The little direction I have I feel are in my images. The photos here aren’t really anything particularly special, but I wanted to show in some way the changing light we have here in Melbourne as we move deeper into Winter.

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Recent Processing and Closing In on Style

Leica M2 35mm F2.8 C Biogon

I have been experimenting lately with post-processing and I feel like I’m on the brink of something. I can’t tell exactly how but I feel a tension of moving away from the harsh black and white street photography into something more surreal and dream like. I’m feeling a strong influence from the japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto and street photographer Junku Nishimura.

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Melancholia and Melbourne

I have recently moved to Melbourne, Australia after 5 years of Perth. The amount imagery in the last 12 days that I’ve been documenting here so far is quiet bewildering. The beat of a new city has made me hyper vigilant to make photographs but what has become incredibly obvious since arriving is that these early days are extremely important for those personal moments.

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